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Final Day to Waive/Enroll LRC Health Insurance is September 10th Bridget K. James 7/2/2018 10:00:00 AM

Fall 2018 Students 

 Mandatory Student Health Insurance Policy

Waive Dates from July 10th through September 10th

Waiver/Enrollment Instructions

NOTE: If you are waiving your eligibility for the school-sponsored plan, you will need information from your health insurance card to complete the waiver process on the website.

 Go to and follow the instructions to Enroll or Waive.

·           ID:  Student’s last name first initial entered without spaces

      Example: Enter John Smith as smithj

·           Password:  La Roche Student ID (whole 6 digit) 

·           Please print the confirmation at the end of the web process and retain for your records        


       If you have questions about details of the insurance program, or the College requirement, please call the  

       Hulse/QM®    Healthcare Advocates, La Roche’s student health insurance administrator at (877) 729-0778.

Fall 2018 Tuition Due August 10th Bridget K. James 7/2/2018 9:00:00 AM
Fall 2018 Tuition is Due by August 10th.  This includes all payment arrangements such as paying in full, financial aid, payment plans, third party payers, financial guarantees, verification of benefits or other arrangements made with the Office of Student Accounts.  
Registration Cancellation will occur on August 15th for all returning students that have not made their arrangements at that time.  No exceptions will be made.  
We work on a per semester basis so each semester you must renew your method of payment.  Please feel free to contact the Office of Student Accounts to verify your arrangements have been made. 
Internship applications now fully online. See "Internships" under the Academics tab for information and instructions. Joan M Cutone 10/8/2017 2:00:00 PM