MFA for Students starts January 4

Effective Thursday, January 4, La Roche University will roll out a new feature to students called Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) by DUO. This feature will add more security to your Office 365/email account. 

Enrollment in MFA is required for all students. Please follow these instructions to enroll in Duo for MFA.

If you are already signed in to your M365 account when Duo is turned on, your app will continue to work on that device until you sign out. The first time you check your email at on or after January 4, you should plan to do it using a computer, not a mobile device.  If you are not prompted to sign in when you use your browser to check your email you should sign out and sign back in.  You will be prompted to verify the sign-on by using a smartphone app called Duo Mobile or by receiving a code via text message.

You can choose to use either the Duo app or text, although we recommend the Duo Mobile smartphone app instead of text messages.  The Duo app takes a few minutes to setup, but in the long run it is easier, faster, and more secure than using text message codes.  Instructions for setting up Duo can be found at this link:

If you are taking any classes that require you to use an Office app, you will be required to use Duo MFA to sign in.  It is very important that you enroll in Duo no later than Friday, January 12, to avoid disrupting your class because you can’t sign in.  You must also remember to bring your phone to class with you so you can sign in successfully.

After you enroll, if you have M365/Office 365 installed on your computer, the next time you open one of the apps you will asked to sign in and authenticate using Duo.  This should only happen the first time you use the app on your computer.  When accessing one of the M365/Offce365 apps on a La Roche computer you should expect to sign in and authenticate using Duo every time you start the app.

If you require additional assistance or encounter any problems please contact the Student Help Desk at (412) 847-2300.


Scheduled IT Maintenance

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